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1783 – Grundtvig is born

Grundtvig is born the 8th of September in Udby, Zealand in the rectory where his father, Johan Grundtvig, was a minister. Udby Church is still a church today and some of the rectory are memorial rooms for Grundtvig, Grundtvigs Mindestuer. Every year Grundtvig’s birthday is celebrated in Vartov and in other Grundtvigian places as well. Guests are welcome to visit that day.

1803 – Finished studies at University as a theologican

1805 – Tutor at the manor Egeløkke in Langeland

1825 – The Church’s Retort

Grundtvig writes The Church’s Retort (Kirkens Gienmæle) against the famous professor H. N. Clausen and imposes a fine and indefinite term of censorship to offend Clausen and call him a heretic. The censorship was lifted in 1837.

1837 – Hymns for The Danish Church (Sangværk til den danske kirke)

Grundtvig wrote 1500 hymns. Still today nearly a third of the hymns in The Danish Hymnbook are by Grundtvig.

1839 – Minister at Vartov Church

Grundtvig is a minister at Vartov Church from 1839 till 1872, appointed by the king – the way one became a minister in the Danish Church in those days. He held his last sermon in church a few days before he died peacefully in his armchair.

1872 – Grundtvig dies

Grundtvig dies at age 88, the 2nd of September. He is buried from Our Saviour’s Church (Vor Frelsers Kirke) and rested in a small private burial place in Køge.


On Grundtvig in English

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