The Grundtvig Library

The Grundtvig Library is a private library, owned by “Grundtvigsk Forum”. The library is open to the public. Everyone interested in studying N.F.S. Grundtvig, is welcome to make use of the facilities. Books can be read in the library only.

The Grundtvig Library contains

  • the published writings of Grundtvig
  • separate editions of Grundtvigs speeches
  • his songs and hymns
  • a large collection of books by Grundtvig’s contemporaries
  • many of the periodicals from the start of “the grundtvigian era”

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For questions and suggestions for litterature about Grundtvig contact the Grundtvig-Library: +45 4193 9003 / bibliotek@vartov.dk

The collection is kept up to date with literature on the main subjects: N. F. S. Grundtvig, grundtvigianism, the folk high school-movement etc.

Opening hours

Monday: 10-16

Tuesday: 10-16

Wednesday: 10-15

Thursday: 10-15

Friday: 10-15


If you are studying subjects related to Grundtvig, you are welcome to ask for a stay at Vartov in one of the guestrooms. The guestrooms are very popular, so please contact the library well in advance:

The Grundtvig Library
Farvergade 27
DK-1463 København K
Telephone: +45 41 93 90 03
E-mail: bibliotek@vartov.dk


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