Grundtvig's handwriting

Grundtvig quotes

Then misery taught me
in midwinther´s chill,
that light without warming
is torment of hell

From New Year´s Morning, translated by Kristian Schultz Petersen, 2009. DanmarkDenmark by Nephew, 2009


For man is not an ape, destined first to ape the other animals and then himself until the world´s end

From Nordic Mythology, extract in The School for Life, translated by Edward Broadbridge, 2011


Man first and then Christian
This is the order of life

From Danish Rebel by Johannes Knudsen, 1955


Freedom our watchword must be in the North!
Freedom for Loki as well as for Thor

From Nordic Mythology – Rhymed Letter To our Nordic next-of-kin, in The School for Life, translated by Edward Broadbridge, 2011


Life without movement might be good enough for carrots and cabbage heads that are not used to any better …

Statsmæssig Oplysning, 1983


Free to believe, to speak, to sing, I wish for all that live in the land …

Bøn og Begreb om en dansk Høiskole, 1840


The church is for the sake of the people, the people do not exist for the sake of the church …

Folket, Folke-Kirken og Folke-Troen i Danmark, 1851